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    Does anyone know of resources that could guide someone to start and operate a small business repairing wheelchairs in a less-resourced country?
    I am a development professional and serve in an organization as a worker and board member assisting persons with developmental disabilities. I have been asked by a young man to assist him with starting a business repairing wheelchairs. He completed provisioning courses and has joined ISWP. He also repairs bicycles and is quite talented. In this country, the privileged generally have minor issues to obtain a wheelchair and get it repaired. For the majority of people who live below or at the poverty level, all sorts of barriers to provisioning exist.
    Based on a market survey, there are few wheelchair-repair shops let alone services to ensure the chair is the right one for the individual.
    I certainly will follow traditional small-business start-up methods but I was wondering if there are guides specific to the wheelchair provisioning small-business sector.
    Thank you,


    We don’t have access to that type of resource. However, you might find this resource interesting:
    – A market landscape of the wheelchair sector

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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