ISWP Trainer Recognition at Basic, Intermediate and Managers&Stakeholders Level

This trainer recognition is free of cost.

Background:The ISWP Trainer Recognition Certificate is available in 3 different levels:  Basic, Intermediate and Managers and Stakeholders. This certificate recognizes trainers who completed the WHO WSTP Training of Trainers (WSTPtot) or a similar process. Click here for more information.

Intended Users: The trainer recognition certificate is intended for all clinicians, educators, mangers, technicians and community workers who have gone through the WHO WSTP Training of Trainers (WSTPtot) Basic, Intermediate and Managers&Stakeholders and/or have multiple years of experience teaching wheelchair service provision in line with the WHO WSTP Training of Trainers (WSTPtot) materials.

How to receive the ISWP Trainer Recognition?

Trainee/co-trainee Competency Assessment (TCA) Form. The TCA is used to assess the competency and skill of new WSTP trainers in leading WSTP trainings at different levels.  It is based on 8 competencies. The tool, which uses a 3-point scale, was developed in concert with the WHO WSTPt materials and validated by an expert panel of 9 individuals from 5 different countries. A manuscript describing the development of the TCA is available:  here. 

  1. To become a recognized trainer, you should submit two TCAs, one from the WHO WSTPtot and another from one of the co-training/s to receive the trainer recognition.
  2. Please submit both TCAs to Krithika Kandavel at [email protected] 
  3. You should repeat step 1 if you are looking to be recognized in multiple levels (for example, if you are looking to be recognized in both basic and intermediate, then complete step 1 for both basic and intermediate respectively).

If the TCAs are unavailable, then please use this form to submit a letter from a trainer/supervisor listing all the trainings that you lead/co-lead. If you have any questions, please email Krithika Kandavel at [email protected]