The training pathway inlcudes courses and tests on wheelchair service proficiency which complement the World Health Organization (WHO) Wheelchair Service Training Packages.

ISWP Wheelchair Service Provision Basic Level Certificate

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The Wheelchair Service Provision Basic Test, based on the WHO Wheelchair Service Training Package – Basic Level (WSTP-b) and other evidence-based resources, is an assessment that measures the knowledge of wheelchair service providers at the basic level. The test consists of 75 multiple choice questions and takes approximately 75 minutes to complete and covers the domains of assessment, prescription, fitting, production, user training, process, and follow up maintenance and repair. Test takers who score 70% and above will be acknowledged with an internationally-recognized knowledge certificate at the end of the test. The basic test is currently no cost and available in Arabic, English, French, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish and Urdu.

Process for obtaining Basic Level Certificate
  • Take Basic Pre-Test Assessment

    An optional pre-test assessment.

  • Training

    Training options inlcude attending an in-person training event, the online course, or a hybrid course.

  • Complete the Basic Test

    If scored 70% and above, trainee will be awarded the ISWP Wheelchair Service Provider Basic Certificate.

ISWP Wheelchair Service Provision Basic Level Provider Credential

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Process for obtaining Basic Level Provider Credential
  • Submit Application

    Brief description of application

    You need to complete the basic certification first.

  • Evidence of successful completion of a WSTP-b course or comparable training

    User will have guidelines for providing proof.

  • OPTIONAL: Complete the prep course Basic Test

    An optional prep course including lecture presentations, case studies, and selected readings that cover all testing domains

  • Pass the new ISWP Wheelchair Service Provision Basic Test

    If user has not already completed the ISWP Wheelchair Service Provision Test they will have to do so in order to receive certification

Process for Recertification
  • Completion of a recertification application

    Eligible to submit application for recertfication every 2 years

  • Provide proof of work experience

    Experience – a minimum of 12 clients served (document signed by clinical supervisor)

  • Continuing education in Wheelchair Service Provision

    A minimum of 20 hours in Wheelchair Service Provision. Including but not limited to training, webinars, courses, conference sessions, and additional certifications

Process for Appeal
  • Submit appeal application

    Appeal must be submitted to ISWP in writing within 14 days after the result confirmation date

  • Wait for review by ISWP

    Will receive notice of overturn or uphold credential decision within 14 days

ISWP Wheelchair Service Provision Intermediate Certificate

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Process for obtaining Intermediate Level Certificate

Training of Trainers (WSTPt)

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Process for becoming a WSTPb Trainer

  • WSTPt Core + Basic Module

  • WSTPb cotraining/s

  • Endorsement by Senior Trainer for WSTPb

  • Acknowledged WSTPb Trainer by ISWP

Process for becoming a WSTPi Trainer

  • Complete WSTPb Trainer Process (above)

  • WSTPt Intermediate Module

  • WSTPi cotraining/s

  • Endorsement by Senior Trainer for WSTPi

  • Acknowledged WSTPi Trainer by ISWP

Process for becoming a WSTPm & WSTPs Trainer:
Begin Work towards the ISWP Recognized Trainer Certificate – Manager & Stakeholder Level

  • WSTPt Core Module (if not already completed)

  • WSTPt Managers and Stakeholder Module

  • WSTPm and WSTPs cotraining/s

  • Endoresemnt by Senior Trainer for WSTPm and WSTPs

  • Acknowledged WSTPm and WSTPs Trainer by ISWP