Here, please upload all listed supporting documents towards your application:

  • Letter from your supervisor or instructor that verifies sufficient training in wheelchair service provision (approximate dates of training, and how long the referrer has known the applicant, years of experience of the applicant in wheelchair service provision-basic level.) Here is a sample letter in English and Spanish.
  • Provide evidence of participation in manual basic level wheelchair service provision trainings.
  • Educational: Provide university or professional degrees/diplomas.
  • Submit any professional licenses required for your professional
  • Latest resume
  • Write a short summary of what you are submitting, here is an example in English and Spanish.

*Please note that the language of these documents does not necessarily have to be in English; they can be submitted in your native language. 

Please be prepared to supply your updated/latest evidence of training including: training certificate, name of training or courses completed, transcript on official letterhead if applicable, and/or licenses and certifications.  The certification process will be reviewed (audited) regularly; as part of the process, you will be asked to provide this additional information.   

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