Terera Zimbabwe

Terera Zimbabwe

TERERA ZIMBABWE (T.Z) is a registered community based, Non Profit, Non-governmental, Non Political Organization actively engaged in the protection and promotion of human rights within Zimbabwe through its psycho- social support focus, working particularly among young people.

Terera’s mission is to equip everyone between the ages of 12-24 years in Zimbabwe with the knowledge and skills to achieve their best possible mental and social health, whatever their experiences, age and location. We aim at breaking down the barriers that prevent people from speaking up and reaching out. We aim at addressing any social, physical, mental, financial barriers that affect young people’s day to day livelihood.

Our work starts by acknowledging the unique experience of each individual within the larger society. We seek to understand the impact of intersecting forms of oppression, trauma, poverty, abuse, exploitation, these factors act as barriers to the ability to realize one’s full potential. Only by understanding systemic barriers and validating people’s experiences with them, can we begin to break down these barriers to move forward, through or around.

Our social support aspect addresses environmental factors, family problems and conflict, Physical disability or immobility, financial status. All these have a direct impact on the mental wellbeing of young people

Our Vision
Creating hope out of tragedy and distress

Our Goals are to:
 Reduce adolescent experiences of distress, trauma, discrimination, stigma and violence.
 Improve opportunities to get effective support and services at the right time
 Reduce the impact of stress, depression and anxiety by supporting people to protect their mental health and to recover when they are unwell.

 A commitment to supporting the self-Empowerment of young peoples’ communities and enabling the communities in Zimbabwe to have a stronger voice and representation.
 A commitment to addressing the ongoing social problems faced by young people

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