​Commencing in 1990, we have many years’ experience in the design and manufacture of wheelchair seating and positioning equipment. Our progressive technologies and developments provide comfort and positioning for persons who are wheelchair-bound. Our mission is to improve and benefit the lives of these people. We are enthusiastic and passionate about getting professional results for professional people.

Through the years of our experience and acquaintance with implementing specialised wheelchair seating for complex and challenging disabilities we have established our Spex® brand to become a leading and unrivalled modular off-the-shelf seating choice.

We specialise in Complex Rehab Technology (CRT) helping children and adults who have significant disabilities and medical conditions. CRT products enable these individuals to deal with their daily physical, functional and cognitive challenges and play a critical role in addressing the complex medical needs of these children and adults and in keeping them active and functional within their homes and communities.

We design seating technologies. Our portfolio covers a vast range of equipment to assist people of all ages with Medical difficulties.

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