Escola Superior de Saúde do Alcoitão

Escola Superior de Saúde do Alcoitão

1 – ESSALCOITÃO is a multidisciplinary teaching establishment whose mission is to promote the deepening and dissemination of knowledge in favor of improving the population’s level of health and well-being.

2 – To this end, ESALCOITÃO will specifically pursue the following purposes:

a) The organization of study cycles aimed at the attribution of degrees and masters, namely in the areas of physiotherapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy and related areas in the field of health or in areas of social intervention that may be approved, as well as professional higher technical courses, postgraduate training and others under the terms of the law;

b) The promotion of continuing education in its areas of intervention, namely through the organization of conferences, seminars and other activities of a scientific and pedagogical nature;

c) Carrying out research and development activities that fall within its areas of activity;

d) The provision of support services to the community in the areas of its scientific and technological activity and other acts that are deemed necessary for the realization of its purposes.

3 – ESSALCOITÃO, in addition to achieving the above-mentioned purposes, shall also seek, within the framework of its activity as an integral element of SCML, to promote other actions that enhance synergies for the institution.

4 – SCML promotes, through ESSALCOITÃO, the signing of collaboration agreements with public and private educational institutions, national and foreign, with a view to promoting scientific exchange and the development of activities relevant to teaching and research, in the scientific sphere given or in other judgments of interest.

5 – In order to carry out its own purposes, ESSALCOITÃO must also:

a) Promote cultural, scientific and technical exchange with similar institutions, national and foreign;

b) Encourage collaboration with other public and private schools;

c) Design and carry out training or other actions in common with other entities, national or foreign;

d) Develop forms of collaboration and association with services and public or private entities that pursue activities within the scope of their activity.

6 — ESSALCOITÃO has its own library and publications sector.

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