ISWP Wheelchair Service Provider (WSP) Certification Prep-Course

The ISWP Wheelchair Service Provision Basic Test Prep-Course was designed for individuals who have participated in a wheelchair service provision basic training course offered by the World Health Organization (WHO) or other comparable trainings. This course is not a stand-alone training course, but a highlight of relevant information and should be used solely as a guided review of resources while preparing to sit for the Wheelchair Service Provision Basic Test offered by ISWP (ISWP Basic Test). The current course includes a content review of the 3 lowest scoring sections on the ISWP Basic Test to date, and in the future, will be modified to reflect test trends at the time.

Most of the resources presented in the course will be familiar to course participants. The purpose of reviewing the content is to ignite rich discussion among basic level service providers from around the world to better understand concepts relevant to basic level seating globally. To ensure a positive experience, course participants should reflect on the content learned and their professional experiences to interact with one another and content experts using the online discussion board and recitation meetings.

At the end of the course, participants will use the reviewed content and conversations with their peers to complete a case study focusing on basic wheelchair service delivery. Once the case study is submitted, participants will be able to compare their answers provided to the answers of internationally recognized wheelchair service provision experts. To determine test readiness at the end of the prep-course, participants will also take a 10-question assessment, which upon successful completion, will be recommended to take the ISWP Basic Test. Upon taking the ISWP Basic Test, those who pass and have met the training requirements will be certified as basic level Wheelchair Service Providers (WSP).

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Fundamentals of Wheelchair Service Provision


Wheelchair Preparation


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